More CD Madness

I'm very excited about the final three BMG CD's I ordered, which I recieved in the mail just yesterday.

My first acquisition is the newest Coldplay album, X&Y. I've become a big fan of the group, particlarly of songs like "Yellow" and "Green Eyes" and "Politik." Their music is a bit different but so engaging and fascinating. I'm not really familiar with X&Y, with the exception of "Speed of Sound," which I really enjoy, but I'm expecting not to be disappointed.

Next on the list is Bon Jovi's latest, Lost Highway. From what I understand, it's Bon Jovi gone countrified, to some extent. Preliminary listenings confirm this, and I like it so far. It's a bit different, but it still sounds like Bon Jovi. I don't think it got rave reviews, but if you know me you know I'm pretty easy to please, so I get the feeling this will be more good stay-awake music during my late-night and early-morning commutes.

It's a sign of just how big a nerd I am, that the CD I was most excited for was the soundtrack to "The Da Vinci Code." I just finished the watching the movie again over the weekend, and fell in love with the soundtrack again. First, I highly recommend the movie. Juli, I know that you said if you wanted a historical search/puzzle-solver movie, you'd stick with "National Treasure." But I think this one is very much worth at least a once-through. Yes, there are religious themes which may contradict personal beliefs of one kind or another, but the movie doesn't promote one over the other. Like Tom Hanks says in the film, "What matters is what you believe." It's definitely worth anyone's time.

More than that, the soundtrack is beautiful, sweeping, and just the kind of brilliance that I've come to expect out of Hans Zimmer. He has, as they say, done it once again. I get goosebumps just listening to Track 13, "Chevaliers de Sangreal," which drives the final climax of the movie.

Isn't music wonderful?


Julina said…
#1 I like what I've heard of the soundtrack too and

#2 it's not the religious themes that concern me, it's the potential boredom... it just didn't/doesn't seem that interesting... (lukewarm reviews didn't help...)

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