Funny How Things Turn Out Sometimes

I saw a good friend of mine, Adam, at the Rube on Saturday- he was there with his new wife and daughter (they were married a few weeks before Tamara and me), and his parents and aunt and uncle were in town visiting.

I almost ran into him (literally), and wish I'd had more time to stop by their table and catch up (but they were in another section). I did talk to him a bit as they were on their way out the door, everything seems to be going fine, with the exception of William Woods' volleyball season (Adam is the head coach).

After we (almost) ran into each other, as I was cleaning a table, I reflected on a conversation Adam and I had, probably a year and a half ago. It was after our ward's regular Thursday night volleyball, and we both went to Taco Bell to get something to eat. I joined Adam in his car and we proceeded to talk for well over an hour about life and work and school and a lot of things.

We were both, I think, pretty discouraged at the lack of progress in relationships- I'd ended one a few months prior and he hadn't had any luck either. We talked (like all unspoken-for guys in the University Ward) about how there was a troubling lack of dateable women in the ward, at least none to match our tastes. Now, in our defense, I don't think either of us were being shallow, setting our bar too high, or just being picky. I just think we were guilty of becoming a bit jaded and letting that guide our respective courses for a while.

I've never forgotten that conversation- it was one of those moments of interpersonal interaction that connects you with another person in a new and sometimes unexpected way. I've had several of those with guys in the University Ward, sometimes out of the blue, but each time very deep and thought-provoking.

And now, eighteen months (give or take a few) later, things are going well for Adam and for myself. He got married in July to a great girl named Jenny, and he told me Saturday that in the near future, he'll be able to adopt his wife's beautiful little girl, Odessa. She already calls him "daddy."

And me, I found me the best woman in the world, a patient, loving, funny and beautiful person who lets me be the weird oddity that I am and loves me all the same. I have a couple of good, relioable jobs that help Tamara and I keep ahead of our finances. And I'm done with school, with a degree from one of the best journalism programs in the world.

Yeah, I'd say things turned out quite okay for Adam and for me. We've both come a long way from that Taco Bell.


Tamara said…
I am a living testimony that life is NEVER what you plan in advance. I NEVER planned on teaching, serving a mission, living in CoMo, being married to a nerd, OR being the luckiest girl EVER to be married into the Lambson household! The Lord really does know us by name and sees the "big picture"...I just wish I could remind myself of that more often. I tend to forget that all to easily most days.
Tamara said…
hey, i like the new blog colors! It's all Haloween-ish. It's kinda shpooky! EEEWWWW...but I love it, babe!

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