Week 2

Week 2 of Fantasy Baseball madness continues- after an exciting week of ups and downs, we're on to round 2.

Steven's Defending Champs eliminated Steve's Yankinals 77 by a tight margin of 8-6, while Jeff's Brave Instincts pulled off the upset against Bill's Shamrocks 9-6.

In the championship round, it's a tight matchup, as the numbers for both the Champs and the Instincts were just about equal.

Slugger Vladimir Guerrero captains Jeff's offense, backed up by current batting average leader Magglio Ordonez and solid swingers Derek Lee and Carlos Beltran. Boston Beanhurlers Daisuke Matsuzaka and Josh Beckett lead the Instincts' killer pitching staff.

Two MVP frontrunners head the pack for the Defending Champs- Alex Rodriguez and Prince Fielder. Look for plenty of backup from Ryan Howard and Victor Martinez. NL Cy Young favorite Jake Peavy leads the Champs' pitching staff, with solid support from Dan Haren and Curt Schilling.

In the third place game, Albert Pujols, David Ortiz, and Hanley Ramirez power the Yankinals offense, backed up by pitchers Brandon Webb and Justin Verlander.
The Shamrocks look to David Wright, Alfonso Soriano, and Chase Utley to put up the runs, and count on Johan Santana and Roy Halladay to shut the other team's offense down.
Hold on to your hats!!!


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