They Stole My Idea

"Burger King pledged Wednesday to offer healthier fast-food items for American children under 12, with plans to sell and market flame-broiled Chicken Tenders and apples cut to resemble thick-cut french fries....The fast food chain is also developing what it calls BK Fresh Apple Fries. The red apples are cut to resemble french fries and are served in the same containers as fries, but they are not fried and are served skinless and cold."
-CBS News Online, September 12, 2007

I just want to say (and most of my sisters can back me up on this), I had this idea years ago. I used to take an ordinary egg slicer and make french-fry-esque apples slices, which I would eat plain or with peanut butter. I even called them "apple fries."

Man, I coulda been makin' millions with that.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda.


Sarah Lambson said…
TeeHee! I miss apple fries! Did you hear that on the radio? Because I did and I thought the exact same thing! Crazy...
Kirsten Lambson said…
APPLE FRIES! Those were the B-E-S-T! I don't know why. They taste exactly like a regular apple, but it was the thought that I was eating cool-shaped pieces of apples.

Stupid BK. They stole our beloved apple fries. *sigh*

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