Maybe I'm Just Weird, But...

There are two things that exist which, if I could always have my way, would always feel cold...or at least, cool.

1) Pillows- Whenever I am trying to fall asleep, I often shift my pillow, turn it around, turn it over, do all kinds of crazy stuff with it, to try and find a cool spot. Those who know me know I feel warm more often than not (Ive slept with a fan blowing on me for many years, even in winter, which surprised the heck out of a mission companion from Ukraine), and my face is no exception. I love the feeling of a cool pillow as I'm trying to entter Slumbersville, and I would pay good money for a pillow that always feels cool, even if my huge melon has been laying on it for hours.

2) Toilet seats- I'm sure a lot people hate using toilets in public restrooms- you just don't know where the users have been and you can only pray they've at least heard of the word hygiene. Only one thing brings comfort to me in situations where I have to utilize communal thrones- a cold toilet seat. In such cases, where I can never be sure when the last time the seat was cleaned, the singular reassurance comes with cold porcelain against my derrier, which gives me the comfort (or illusion, at least), that it's been a fair amount of time since the last person used it. Why that matters, I don't know- maybe I try to subconciously believe that exposure to air kills germs, or at least motivates them to move to other climates. But to me, one of the most unpleasant sensations in the world is a warm toilet seat. Ugghhhhh!

Is it just me?


J.Ammon said…
You know what always creeps me out when using an unfamiliar toilet seat? The squishy ones. I'm not planning on sitting on it for so long that I need to sit in creepy comfort. I doesn't give the same feeling of sterility that a normal hard one give
You are your father's son when it comes to cool pillows and toilet seats. I agree with Joe - I HATE the squishy seats. Who invented them, anyway?
As for public toilet seats in general - if those paper toilet protectors aren't available, I create my own with strips of toilet paper. Yea, kind of obsessive, I know.

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