Laughed my Head Off

So I'm chatting with Tyson, my old roommate, while trying to stay awake at KRCG, and he mentions that "KRCG" sounds like the name of an old Communist government institution. So then we came up with what the letters could stand for:

My entry: Комитет Ребилитации Сухих Глупцов (Komitet Rebilitatsiya Sukhikh Gluptsov)

Translation: Committee for the Rehabilitation of Dried Idiots

Tyson's was better (a little crude, but hilarious):

Комитет Регистрирования Северных Гомиков (Komitet Registrirovaniya Severnikh Gomikov)

Translation: Committee for the Registration of Northern Homosexuals

I guess you had to be there.


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