The In-Laws

One of the "horror" stories you might often hear are about the in-laws. It seems like Dr. Phil and Delilah and Dear Abby are always having to console and soothe troubled minds because "my daughter-in-law doesn't respect my role as a mother" or "my mother-in-law is too nosy" or "too controlling," which situations are often exacerbated by cries of "my husband just sits there and does nothing because he doesn't want to offend either of us" or "I wish my son would talk to his wife about ______."

I want to go on record saying that the Wiles are absolutely nothing like this. I couldn't ask for better, nicer, or more generous in-laws. Just yesterday, Tamara's dad, Carroll, helped me move a lot of furniture and boxes out of and back into our storage shed, and this after spending most of his day at the Church building. Sheila is so kind and makes me feel right at home. They are very kind to let Tamara and I live there- it's such a blessing and a privelege to live at their house right now- it gives me a chance to get to know them better.

I'm grateful for my wonderful in-laws.

Especially for raising such a beautiful and wonderful and amazing and spiritual daughter, and for treating me like their own son.


emily said…
Ok. Here's my comment. I feel GUILTY when i see the "other" wedding pictures pop up here.

Good shot. I'll have to show you mine someday.

Goal? End of Sept. Yikes. Blame Noah.

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