Here's to You, Kirsti!

I am so proud of my little sister, Kirsten. I love my other sisters and am proud of them too, but I just wanted to brag on Kirsten a little bit.

I got to watch her play tennis this weekend, against a tough team from Cape Girardeau. While some of the parents and players were rather whiney (don't get me started), the girl Kirsti played was good. Really good. But Kirsti held her own. She didn't win, but she held her own. She played well enough to take a few games from her opponent. Girls on the Hickman team who were ranked higher than Kirsti got shutout by their opponents. But Kirsti didn't back down and took three games from the Cape G girl.

I'm really impressed because Kirsti's passion for the sport has driven her to make the team and improve her game. Other people would have been content for just making the JV team on their first try (ask me sometime about my horrendouly embarrasing tryout for the Hickman tennis team). But that wasn't good enough for her- she felt she deserved a shot at Varsity, so she took it and made the Varsity team.

Every time she plays, she plays against girls who, in all likelihood, have been playing longer, have had more training, and have had better training than Kirsti has (Dad and I can only do so much to help her improve). And yet she took a girl from some Kansas City team through a two and a half hour, 3-set match, which had a long tiebreaker in the first set and a long decider in the third set.

Kirsti has heart, she has drive, she has skill, and isn't scared to play through pain or fatigue.

I'm proud of you, sis.


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