Maybe I'm just needy, maybe I'm an attention whore, maybe I just want to satisfy my own ego. So what?

Now that I'm able to blog more often (it's what I do on my lunch break), I would love feedback from you all- tell me what you think of new sidebar stuff, posts, pictures, whatevs.

If you like it, tell me. If you hate it, tell me.

Feed me feedback!

Thank you for your time.


Tamara said… thoughts about the blog....

1. i really like the new look--colors and all
2. i like the "funny news of the day"...makes me laugh
3. quote of the day...can't say i've ever read it...i actually just noticed's kinda tricky to find...just doesn't stand out much
4. dive into the's ok, but a little wierd, but i'm sure it's supposed to be that way.
5. blog entries...sometimes long, but i like them best when they are about ME
6. Wish you would spend as much time with me as you do with your blog entries (j/k)
7. I love you!
emily said…
Comment? Um... You have too much blog time. Go home and see your wife.

J/k. Nice to have something new to read more often... and nice of you to visit Joe's. I fear his is also neglected.
Feedback, feedback, feedback.

Okay, I gave you feedback. Happy?

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