Two Things I Find Really Irritating (And a Kicker)

First, the song "Smile," by Lily Allen. I hear this song every time I work, and it drives me insane every time. I really can't tell you specific reasons why it rakes my ears and irritates my nerves like cold steel talons on a chalkboard. It's so bouncy and sweet and...UUGGHHH!!! I HATE this song! And the way she sings the chorus- maybe it's just me, but it sounds off-key just enough to sound different- it's so annoying!

And MySpace. I hate MySpace. Why do I have a profile? Because there are a couple of friends from high school who put interesting stuff on their pages. But I have to be their friend to see it. Other than that, MySpace is COMPLETELY useless. Completely. I'm sick and tired of getting e-mails telling me that this guy wants me to be his friend so he can tell about all kinds of great credit deals and web offers, and friend requests from girls who want me to click on the link to the profile MySpace wouldn't let them put up because it's inappropriate. I seriously get at least one of each every day. And then I have to spend precious seconds and minutes (which I could be using to watch clips of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" on YouTube) to deny said friend requests. ARGH!!!!

Those are things I hate.

Oh yeah, the kicker- on Saturday, a big party at the Rube asked me to add another table to the 3 tables we'd combined for them already. Actually, they wanted a different table on the end, one where the sides opo out to make it bigger. So at their request, I take a table from a completely different section of the restaraunt and make the switch, moving the table that was already there to the other section.

Then, when everyone arrives, half the party moves to a nearby booth and the table I switched out remained un-used. My eye is twitching as I type this, and maybe not only because I'm tired.

If "Smile" had been playing during this episode, I might have combusted.


J.Ammon said…
You should've moved the table to make the booth table larger. Then you could laugh to yourself everytime someone needed to get up, and then everyone would have to move. And lastly, I'd pour French Dressing on one of them. I suppose it's a good thing I'm not a server anymore...

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