Just for fun-

There are four ways I can take to and from work in the mornings. Here are the stats for each (I will update as I attempt to figure out which is the fastest and/or most economical): My origin point is the Wiles household in Columbia, and the destination is KRCG in New Bloomfield.

Route 1: Highway 63 /Hwy 54 (The Holts Summit Route)
Miles: 35.3
Approx. Driving Time: 32 minutes
Comments: Pretty standard highway route. Ashland makes for a good mid-point stop in case a snack attack or beverage need arises.

Route 2: Routes WW, J, and Old Hwy 54 (The Millersburg Route)
Miles: 29.5
Approx. Driving Time: Half hour, give or take.
Comments: Nice drive, good scenery of farms and country living. But if you get stuck behind a slow hay-chewing, tobaccy-spitting codger, like I did on Tuesday, passing opportunities are limited.

Route 3: Routes J, Y, and Hwy. 63 (The Guthrie/Ashland Route)
Miles: 28.7
Approx. Driving Time: Half hour, give or take
Comments: Same as Route 2- nice scenery. And same potential codger problem as Route 2.

Route 4: Hwy 54, I-70 (The Kingdom City Route)
Miles: 36.1
Approx. Driving Time: 33 minutes
Comments: Horrible roads. Hwy 54 between Fulton and New Bloomfield is very bumpy, lots of cracks and seams in the road. We won't ever be taking this route again.

Consensus- I'll probably make a habit of taking Route 1 (63 to 54) on the way, since I drive at night and I feel the potential to hit animals, debris, wandering farmers, etc., is smaller on major highways. And I'll probably alternate between Routes 2 and 3 on the way home in the mornings, since the distances and times are relatively similar. I'll just take whichever one I'm getting the vibe from on that particular day.

And Route 4 just sucks. Nice food/beverage options in Kingdom City- not worth the crappy roads, though.


emily said…
yeah-- keep me updated. I am always fascinated by alternate routes... obsessed with getting the perfect one.

and I have been to the Simpsonizer, but HOW do you get two people in it, and export it?
The answer is simple. I didn't. I just made one of me, saved it, made one of Tamara, saved it with the same background, and then, with the archaic "Paint" program, spliced the two together. I basically cut out Tamara, pasted the Tamara rectangle into the Steve picture, then cut the two of us out, which actually disguised the splicing rather well. There you have it!
emily said…
ooooooooohhhh! FANCY!!! SOunds like u are gettin good at the photo-editing thingy!

I'm off to go try it.

except, i don't get a background. They don't offer one to me.
J.Ammon said…
I say keep going different routes, it can take away the mundane-ness of driving in the dark.

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