Two Days

Two days before I begin the rest of my life with a woman whom I have grown to love more than I thought possible in a year.

Two days until I can spend my days and nights figuring her out and learning to appreciate her perfections and failings and follies and successes.

Two days until I move into her parents' basement- good thing for me I love her parents (and I think they're okay with me too.

Two days until I begin the process of learning what "together forever" really means.

Two days until I have a ring on my finger, a symbol of commitment and acceptance of responsibility.

Two days until I no longer fall under any of the categories of YSA (I haven't been young for a while).

Two days until Tamara and I really get to share the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the hills and valleys of life.

Two days.


Tamara said…
love it, babe....TWO WHOLE days....too long in my opinion!! I love you, and I'll meet you at the altar in...two days
YAY FOR GETTING MARRIED!!! Wish I could have been there ... can't wait to see pics :o)

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