I've Been Here Before

So I moved back home yesterday. That was fun. Well, not giggles and blowing bubbles fun, but kinda fun nonetheless. It's always mind-boggling just how much stuff one can accrue over a two-year period in addition to all the stuff said person has had from the X years of life previous to said two-year period.

So I'm sleeping on a huge couch I got from a family in our ward- it's super cushy and comfortable, but I have to keep a big sheet on it so Trissy doesn't shed all over it. And All my stuff is keeping the Focus outside in the driveway. Cue Nelson Muntz.

I'm also looking for a second job, which would actually become my first job. It's just hard to get the hours I need at Ruby Tuesday...plus, some of their new policies are just weird. Very weird. Ask me in person and I'll explain. If I say it here, they may find out and I'd get blackballed.

So there are the new developments in my life.


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