Who Are They?

As I drove down Highway 63 on my way to KOMU at 4:45 this morning, I began to wonder about the other drivers on the road at that hour. I wondered who they were and what led them to be driving that early in the morning. Some were probably driving to business meetings, perhaps in another town. Some might have been driving through the night because a family emergency or illness called for their presence. Maybe some were on their way home from Wednesday night parties or a late night at the office.

Have you ever looked at other people and wondered what their life story was? Like the person in the car next to you who looks so serious- are they deep in thought, angry at someone close to them, or cynical about life? What in their life brought them to the same stoplight as you, and where are they going to next?

Those people who are grumpy at my tables at work- why are they like that? And why are the pleasant tables so happy?

Have you ever wondered if you were a different person, would you be friends with who you are? What would it be like to meet yourself for the first time? Would you be interested or repelled by your own personality?

Have you ever wondered how the lives of your friends would be different if they had met you earlier or later in life, or not at all?

Why do some people smile all the time or frown all the time?

I usually don't wax this philosophical, but at 4:45 in the morning, there's little else to do.


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