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Last night I chose to offer one of those prayers that Church leaders are often recommending- the ones where all you do is offer gratitude for the blessings in your life. I've found a small joy in offering those prayers, only thanking and not asking for anything (though I did ask for a couple of things, among others, that Elise would recieve her passport - update: Elise does have her passport). As I prayed, I found myself thanking Heavenly Father for each person in the family and for their gifts and talents and natures. In that spirit, let me take a bit to express my gratitude to all the readers.

I'm grateful for Dad- he's always up for some sports talk, and always has something to say that will bring a smile, whether it be some dumb one liner or a unique spiritual insight. He is so spiritual, it nearly oozes out of him. He's slow to anger, and quick to show an increase of love when his temper gets the better of him. I'm grateful that he's always been worthy of the priesthood, especially on the late night occasions when I've needed priesthood guidance or a blessing. And I'm so thankful for the way he treats and loves and cherishes Mom.

Speaking of which, I am so grateful for Mom and for everything she's taught us. I fancy myself an intelligent enjoyer of music, able to appreciate more than catchy tunes or words. I credit my diverse taste in music to the training and example she gave. Though I snubbed the many opportunities to express my musical talents, I am grateful nonetheless to Mom for what she taught. She, like Dad, has a good control on her temper and is always quick to ask forgiveness or offer explanation when she does get upset. She has raised each of us very well.

If the seven of us develop into horrible social mutants and derelicts, it will not be because of any failure on the part of Mom or Dad.

I am grateful for Juli, and for the wisdom and intelligence and patience she has always had and shown. She is the one who typically stays sane and comprehensible when the rest of us have lost our minds.

I am thankful for Emily, for all her creativity, and for all her sisterly advice. In many ways, and in a lot of life situations, she has been there and done that, and can and does give great advice for others dealing with said life situations. And I am SO excited to be a real uncle, instead of playing pretend-uncle for the many Drysdale-lings out there. For the record, you read it here first, I predict Joe and Emily's first kid will be a boy.

I'm thankful for Joe, my first non-made-up brother- I barely knew the guy three years ago and right off he started treating me like his own brother and also as a friend. I'm glad he found Emily (or vice versa) because he's been nothing but a blessing to the family.

I'm grateful for Elise- I remember when I got her letter in Russia about her mission call, I said, "Wouldn't it be neat if we came home the same week?" And as it turned out, she came home the day after me. I love that we can be nerds together. And I love how sensitive she is for the way others feel.

I'm thankful for Beckie- for a few years we were mortal enemies, but now we're close friends. I always get excited when I find out Beckie will be available to come to Sunday dinner or family hang-out time, because it's always funnier and brighter when she's there.

I'm grateful for Sarah, for her vast creativity and the fact that we, too, can be nerds together. I used to give her a lot of flack, which I still regret. But I'm very proud of the woman she has and is becoming, because her potential can take her to infinity and beyond.

I'm amazed by the oodles of talent that Kirsti has- sports, music, reading, you name it, Kirsti's got it or will get it figured out. I like our new tradition of Saturday morning tennis, because I love seeing how she matures in her tennis game as well as in life.

And I love the many pets, past and present, that have provided us with so much enjoyment and laughter, not the least of which came when Dad would blame said pets for sudden unpleasant odors.

I love being a Lambson.


emily said…
this is really really cool. And really really well-said. Thank you for not just thinking these great things, but sharing with us. Love u.

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