We lost another good one today. Like Darryl Kile or Cory Lidle before him, Josh Hancock was too young to meet death already, yet that's the way his life turned. Having never been very close to this kind of grief, it's hard for me to understand what those close to him are going through. I've never been really close to death, not like many people. My grandma was the last person I was really close to who passed on, but I was in Russia at the time, so it was difficult to feel close to it.
Before that was her husband, my grandpa, but I was young and that was 13 years ago.
And they were both ready to die- they knew it was coming and were expecting it, perhaps even hoping for it to come sooner rather than later.
But to die so young, with so much promise in the life there was ahead- one can't help but feel somber, even if they never met the person.
I hope the Hancock family can find peace and solace and comfort in the wake of this tragedy. I hope the same for the St. Louis Cardinals family, and for the family that is Major League Baseball.
When they "play ball," may they remember those who have gone before...and too soon.


Kirsten Lambson said…
I know how you feel. Last week a kid at my school died in a car accident, and I had a few friends who were grieving about it. All I could feel was shock that life can end so quickly and so young.
I hope the Cardinals can get through this hard time.
J.Ammon said…
What makes some deaths even more harder is that they could've been easily prevented...

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