I'm Engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, here's the skinny on me and Tamara.Quick bio- she's 27, from Tennessee, teaches junior high/middle school Spanish, facilitated by her mission to Concepcion, Chile.
We first started dating back in August and have been together since.Two weeks ago, I bought her ring online (she pointed out several she liked and I picked one out)- it arrived Friday. But Tamara was out of town, so obviously I couldn't propose then. And I hadn't talked to her father yet.
I talked to him on Tuesday evening while Tamara was out of the house (hard to get him when she couldn't possibly be around). So then I was planning on Friday as the day. Then I realized it was Friday the 13th, and decided against it- I wanted to give myself the fighting-est chance I could.
I did consider waiting until midnight so it would have technically been the 14th, but I figured "just my luck, she'll want to go to bed early or something."Sure enough, she got really tired during the movie we were watching and, sure enough, I left at 5 minutes to midnight.So, Sunday was the next plan. But I had no idea how I was going to propose. I went to Emily and my mom for some help and they helped me come up with a plan
.When I stopped by Tamara's before work on Saturday, as I was leaving, I suggested bringing over breakfast the next day before stake conference, and she agreed.
Sunday morning, I brought over tulips and a basket with bowls, napkins (all bought the night before), cereal, juice, muffins and strawberries. As she unpacked the basket she saw the ring box in one of the cereal bowls and got kind of quiet. She said, "Do you want me to open that?" I said, "Of course." She asked me to open it, I did, and she asked me to put the ring on her finger. I said, "Do you want to get on one knee?" She said no- as I put it on, I asked her to marry me (as I was leaving later that evening, just to cover my bases, I got on one knee and asked her again).
She said yes (both times), and with that we're engaged.FYI, we're shooting for the weekend of July 20-21 (we want to do the wedding and reception on separate days)- we'll keep everyone updated!


emily said…
include a photo.

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