CD Madness!

So I got my 7 FREE CDs from BMG yesterday and I am very excited. Tamara talked me into joining since she, as the refer-er, would get a bonus. So last Friday, I took more time than planned to choose my first 7 of 12 CDs this alliance with BMG would provide for me. And it wasn't easy. Few new choices were available, except at full price, so I had to go a little older. And a lot of options were music I don't really listen to, or albums I just wasn't interested in. But finally, with a little help from my sis Sarah, I decided on the following, with a little explanation:
1) U2- Best of 1980-1990: C'mon, who doesn't need a little U2 for their music library? Plus, the prospect of being able to belt out "Sunday Bloody Sunday" or "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" at full volume in the relative privacy of their own car?

2) Michael Buble: Weird name, yes. Fantastic voice, absolute yes. This guy is the next Sinatra. I know my sisters all rave about Josh Groban, but I ain't heard him. I have heard Buble- he is fantastic. This particular album had two of my Sinatra favorites- "Summer Wind" and "Come Fly With Me." So it made the cut.

3) John Mayer-Continuum: This is my "gamble" CD, as in the one I'm not positive I'll love. Why? Because I'm sick of Ruby Tuesday playing John Mayer songs. They play them ALL THE TIME. But I still like a lot of them. Same story with Norah Jones. Anyway, I got this at the recommendation of both Tamara and Sarah- Mayer has a lot of talent, and I like at least one song, so I got it.

4) Coldplay- Parachutes: I really like Coldplay, especially their more recent stuff, and when I asked Sarah for her advice, she said it was a great album. So this is also kind of a "gamble" choice, because I don't know any songs on the CD. But I don't expect to be disappointed.

5) Coldplay- A Rush of Blood to the Head: This is the Coldplay CD I've wanted to get for some time. "Clocks" is one of my favorite songs. I've also seen the concert DVD for this album, and it's very entertaining. Lots of talent in this band.

6) Brad Paisley- Mud on the Tires: Brad is my favorite country artist- every one of his songs, it seems like, has really good lyrics and music. This album has the first song of his that I got into- "Celebrity." The video is a lot of fun to watch. And "Whiskey Lullaby" is one of his better songs all around, I think.

7) Bon Jovi- Have a Nice Day: Very very excited for this album. I'm a big Bon Jovi fan thanks to Beckie, and I really like two songs on this one- "Have a Nice Day" and "Who Says You Can't Go Home." This was the first one I chose to get. I'm very excited. Did I say that already?

So there you have it. My first steps into a bigger BMG world. Wish me luck. (Maybe next time they'll have some Smashing Pumpkins available).


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