Sto Veshyei Obo Mnye

I) I like to occasionally conform and do lists like this. This includes those e-mails with 20 questions about random stuff. I think they're fun.
II) I have this amazing girl in my life- she's got a fantastic southern accent, the cutest smile, and a great fashion sense- she's even helped me become a little more savvy myself- love you, Tamara!
III) My absolute favorite movie of all time is The Lord of the Rings. I treat the three parts as one big wonderful awesome amazing never-to-be-topped movie.
IV) I like to sing but hate singing in choirs. I don't know why, I just really hate singing in choirs.
V) I speak fluent Russian.
VI) That's because I lived there for nearly 2 years.
VII) I'm going to have to look up help with these Roman numerals once I get to around 50 or so. VIII) I am named after my dad.
IX) I have 6 sisters and no brothers.
X) I work at Ruby Tuesday.
XI) I will have a Bachelors degree in Journalism in a few months.
XII) I'm currently learning the intracacies of Flash, a crazy cool program that is the driver behind lots of fun Internet features- Homestar Runner is all Flash.
XIII) I am nuts about the St. Louis Cardinals and a little less so about the New York Yankees.
XIV) One of the best moments in recent memory is being just outside Busch Stadium when the Cardinals won the World Series, 4 games to 1, over the Detroit Tigers.
XV) Favorite band: The Wallflowers
XVI) Favorite country singer: Brad Paisley
XVII) Favorite comic book movie: Batman Begins
XVIII) Favorite installmentof the Harry Potter series: tie between Books 4 and 6.
XIX) Favorite ice cream brand: Ben and Jerry's
XX) Favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor: Tie between Oatmeal Cookie and Half-Baked
XXI) Favorite actor: John Cusack
XXI) Favorite author: Literature = Mark Twain; Fun = Tom Clancy; Make-you-think = C.S. Lewis
XXII) I grew up in Columbia, and have lived here all my life (with the exception of the two years I was in Russia).
XXIII) I used to be an avid Trekkie.
XXIV) And "Warrie"- Star Wars nut. Then the prequels came out. I like them, but am disappointed with Lucas' performance.
XXV) I have 4 noticeable scars- two on my left leg, one on my right hand, and one on my left eyebrow.
XXVI) I don't have any birth marks except my dimples.
XXVII) I met one of my best friends because he and his fiance broke up- they eventually got married, though, so the story has a happy ending.
XXVIII) One of my other best friends is a budding actor in New York City.
XXIX) The best friend mentioned in XXVII got me hooked on World of Warcraft. Thanks a lot, Jefe.
XXX) I played the trombone in high school.
XXXI) I played Diesel, one of the Jets, in "West Side Story" my senior year.
XXXII) I got the "Outstanding Jazz Musician" award in 9th grade.
XXXIII) The title of this post is Russian for "100 Things about Me."
XXXIV) I spent several months anchoring the Tuesday night Sports at Ten segment on KOMU News in Columbia.
XXXV) I started the Chris Gervino Fan Club Facebook group.
XXXVI) I don't plan very well.
XXXVII) I'm naturally lazy. But recognition is the first step towards recovery, right?
XXXVIII) I'm absolutely addicted to "24."
XXXIX) And "Lost."
XL) XL happens to be my usual shirt size. That and XXL.
XLI) My favorite basketball player of all time is John Stockton.
XLII) I like singing, but hate, I mean HATE, singing in choirs. I can't explain why, I just do.
XLIII) But I'm all about belting out Bon Jovi to stay awake when I'm driving late at night.
XLIV) Favorite fast-food restaraunt- Wendy's.
XLV) Favorite restaraunt in Columbia- Flat Branch Cafe.
XLVI) Favorite cuisine- Americana (burgers, steaks, wings, etc.)
XLVII) I became interested in studying Russian by reading Tom Clancy.
XLVIII) Since I speak Russian, I can say with certainty that Sean Connery's accent in "The Hunt for Red October" is horrendous.
XLIX) Matt Damon's accent in "The Bourne Supremacy," however, is pretty good.
L) I want a dog. Not a little one, but a big one. Like a lab or golden retriever. But one that doesn't shed.
LI) For my childhood friend Jeremiah's birthday, I got him some Transformer-like toys. I thought they were really cool so I decided to keep them for myself and got him something lamer. But either my mom found out or my conscience got the better of me (likely the former) and I gave him the toys anyway.
LII) I'm not afraid of needles but hate the idea of giving blood.
LIII) I have a problem with falling asleep in church, school, etc. I'm not narcoleptic, though.
LIV) I think it'd be kind of fun to be a kleptomaniac. What an icebreaker at parties. Especially if I was really good at picking pockets- because then I could introduce myself, and when the other person introduced theirself, I could pull out his or her wallet and check their ID and say, "Yep, you are, in fact, who you say you are."
LV) I got to stand by the St. Louis Cardinals dugout while the players took batting practice before Game 4 of the 2006 NL Division Series.
LVI) I currently live in a house with four other guys, one of whom also speaks Russian. It's fun to sometimes talk about the others when they can't understand it.
LVII) I was published on YouTube with a stand-up I did for KOMU last summer about the weather being so flipping hot. It's not there anymore.
LVIII) "White and Nerdy" could be the theme song for my life.
LIX) I'm freaking out at the moment because I have no idea what I'm going to do for my Window to the Web story for Thursday...and it's Wednesday.
LX) I have a natural talent for accents and voice impersonations. I'm by no means amazing at it, but I'm pretty good.
LXI) I used to be really really scared of tornados. Now I really want to see one. In fact, last year, the sirens went off while we were in church, and instead of going to a safe hallway like I should, I was the first person to run outside to see if I could see it. Smart.
LXII) I have arachnophobia.
LXIII) I am afraid of failure.
LXIV) LXIV is the square of VIII and the square root of MMMMXCVI.
LXV) I'm not afraid of flying, but I do get nervous when taking off or landing.
LXVI) I like playing tennis, baseball, and basketball.
LXVII) I mostly played outfield when I first started playing summer baseball (with one year playing catcher). In the junior high and high school years I played infield with some pitching.
LXVIII) My greatest pitching moment was one season when we were winless. Coachg put me in in the bottom of the final inning. We were up 3-2. I got two strikeouts and forced the last batter to ground out back to me. It was a save for me and the only win we got all season.
LXIX) The next best is when, two years later, I got to start the final game of the season (after pitching only relief). I think I only let in one run.
LXX) I also hit the game-winning run in that game (it put us by 10 runs, thus invoking the 10-run rule).
LXXI) I played basketball one winter, while I was in 6th grade. We were called the Hawks, and ended the season with the second best record of the league with only two losses. Most games we won by at least 40 points.
LXXII) My first baseball heroes were Ozzie Smith and Don Mattingly. Though I did get crap from other kids for not knowing who Ozzie Smith was when I was four years old. Kids can be so mean.
LXXIII) My ultimate dream job: have Mike Shannon's job announcing for the Cardinals.
LXXIV) My more realistic dream job: have Chris Gervino's job as the #1 sports guy at KOMU. He gets to do play-by-play for the Tigers, too.
LXXV) Despite Mizzou and BYU roots, my favorite college football team is Notre Dame and my favorite college basketball team is Kansas. But I still cheer forMizzou just as much.
LXXVI) I hate the Lakers, Cubs, Red Sox, Cowboys, and NASCAR.
LXXVII) Ricky Bobby is the best thing to happen to NASCAR.
LXXVIII) I took Latin in high school and one semester of elementary German in college.
LXXIX) I drink much more water now than I did five years ago.
LXXX) I generally vote Republican.
LXXXI) I support the war in Iraq, but voted for Bush in '04 for his stances on moral issues.
LXXXII) I've never been hunting, and have no real desire to. But I enjoy shooting guns, like the classic Winchester single bolt action .22 I inherited from my grandpa.
LXXXIII) I used to pretend I was conducting an orchestra when I would listen to instrumental soundtracks. And when I say used to, I mean as recently as a year ago.
LXXXIX) Some of my more memorable Halloween costumes- Pee-Wee Herman, The Phantom of the Opera, the Hunchback of Notre Dame (as in the college), and Star Trek people (a couple of times.
XC) My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the 4th of July- the first two for al the family time and food, and the second for fireworks and the patriotic spirit.
XCI) I love studying military history, especially World War II and the Civil War.
XCII) My favorite college classes have been Philosophy, the New Testament, Russian Literature, and Internet Applications.
XCIII) My favorite cake flavor is carrot cake.
XCIV) Having no brothers growing up, I made up my own, among whom were Treetrunk, Motorcycle, and Tricycle.
XCV) I cry at movies more frequently than most guys would admit.
XCVI) I love Homestar Check it out. Now.
XCVII) My favorite Saturday Night Live sketch is where Chris Kattan and Chris Parnell audition for Bon Jovi's dance squad.
XCVIII) After taking advertising and tv classes, I can't help but notice product placement and editing mistakes, like jump cuts.
XCVIX) My ultimate backup plan for life is workign for the CIA (but not field ops).
C) It took me more than 2 weeks to put this together. But now I'm done.


J.Ammon said…

Except you said you hate choirs twice.

And I DID learn new things about you. Like the summer baseball moments. You're awesome!

And the German and Latin. I think I never knew those, or forgot them.

Um... yeah. All cool!

(nice work on the Roman numerals.)
emily said…
that j.ammon comment was me. Joe was still logged in, so OOPS!

just consider it from both of us. we're a team after all.

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