One of Those Odd Family Things...

After conducting an informal survey, I've made a startling discovery. Before I reveal that discovery, I must let you know that when I say "informal survey," I've talked to maybe 7 people, including Tamara, her family, and my roomies. That being said:

I have concluded that the time-old tradition of cornbread topped with maple syrup may in fact be unique to, or at least somewhat limited to, the Lambson family. No one among the few I've asked has ever heard of the two being combined, and in fact each one expressed mild disgust or dislike towards the idea.

That floored me- I know the Lambson clan is weird, but we're not aliens. I LOVE cornbread and syrup- it became a common staple in Russia, as cornmeal is very cheap over there- the only hard part was the syrup; but my dear mother kept a steady supply of maple extract coming from stateside, so we rarely had to deal with a syrup famine.

I know this entry is pretty random, but I felt I should share the shocking findings of my little survey with the world. Thank you for your attention.


emily said…
i, too, have found that to be true. honeybutter, yes. Honey or molasses, yes.
Syrup? No way, Jose. No one else does it.
Kirsten Lambson said…
Are you serious? I've never thought to ask anyone! I thought everyone did it. Goes to show how people savvy I am.

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