On This, the Pinkest of Sundays...

A little over a year ago, it was a fast Sunday (meaning I was fasting, not in the velocity sense), and I decided to wear the pink tie that I had recieved from Jeff and Kelli as a gift for being a groomsman in their wedding. I like the tie. Maybe I'll have a picture of it someday. Next to the pictures of my kids. When I have them.

Anyway, to my surprise, at least five other people also chose to wear pink ties that day, among them the Popest of Popes, Joe Kruse. Noticing this, we decided to make a tradition out of it. We eventually determined that the first Sunday of every month would be the day on which the men of our ward should wear pink ties.

It caught on pretty well. There were even a few guys who bought pink ties especially for the occasion. Even some girls began wearing pink on these days, to add to the mood.

One such Sunday a few months ago, Joe coined the phrase "the pinkest of Sundays," and our little tradition has been called thus since. One day we might even get the guts to say it in a prayer, like "We thank thee on this, the pinkest of Sundays, for..." and so on.

Why mention this today? Because I got to proudly wear the fabulous pink tie Tamara gave me for Christmas.


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