On Being Lazy

So I've had three big lazy moments in the last 24 hours.

Number one was skipping History yesterday. I didn't feel like going to class all day, but made myself get up and go to my Philosophy and Photography classes. But leaving my Photo class, I just really didn't want to go to History. It's not that it's a boring class- it's actually really interesting (it's about the Age of the Reformation). I just really didn't want to go. So I didn't. I thought of a hundred reasons not to afterwards, like it was cold, I was tired and probably would have fallen asleep anyway, etc. But when it all boiled down, I was just being lazy.

Moment number two came about five minutes ago- my roomies all wanted to go play racquetball on campus, and until I saw it was 7 degrees outside I was stoked to play as well. I lost steam when I saw it was even colder than yesterday, as well as when I found out I would have to drive since I would be the only one coming home. It was pretty much the idea of having to park at the Institute (like 3 blocks away) just to walk to the Rec center to play for a bit and then walk all the way back in Siberian temperatures that killed my racquetball enthusiasm.

Moment number 3 is not finishing my 2006 movie review.

Am I justified in my decisions or just being lazy?

Sadly, I know the answer to that.


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