I Had a Dream...

Interesting how some of our dreams can be so vivid, isn't it? And isn't it more interesting how every now and then we dream the same dream in one night? And isn't it of further interest how random elements show up in these common dreams?
Last night I had such dreams. I often don't remember my dreams especially past the five minutes after I wake up. But there are a few that I can remember fairly well. Last night's might become part of that elite class.
Part I found me somewhere in the vicinity of where Oakland Gravel road meets Vandiver in Columbia (natives will recognize the spot). I don't remember if I was in a house or not, but I do remember looking south. It was dark outside, but it wasn't night. There were big and heavy clouds, like before a thunderstorm. As I looked south, I noticed a flash of light in the clouds, then something bright shooting towards the ground. It was very distant and impossible to tell for sure what it was, but my first thought was, "Oh my gosh, a plane just exploded and crashed." I told whoever was standing next to me. As we looked on, another flash happened, this one a little closer. This time we saw a lot of little light flashes shooting towards the ground. Somehow it became immediately apparent that this was some kind of rocket attack. More and more flashes appeared, more and more little rockets streaked toward the ground. They didn't seem to be exteremely destructive, but I remember being scared all the same. Not exactly the kind of paralyzing fear one would probably feel in a battle, but more of a nervousness or anxiety.

That's all I remember about the first part. The second is much stranger. It was early evening, I was at a gym, I think like the one on MU campus, and I saw William, the little boy my parents cared for for a couple of months. Then I was outside, talking to my sister and her friend Keri Barrett- I remember mentioning Keri's brother, Tyler, who was recently married. As we walk along, we're in a park/school playground, which looked a little bit like Two Mile Prarie (my first elementary school), Blue Ridge (my second elementary school), and Shepard(I played a lot at that school playground because I had friends who lived close to it). It's a clear cool night.

All of a sudden, a burst of fireworks light up the sky. Loni Weems, a woman from church years ago, comments on the nice fireworks display. To me, something didn't feel right. As a second burst flashed above us, I realized these were the same rockets from the earlier dream. The same anxiety began to grow. I remember saying these were dangerous. Then, out of nowhere, Chevy Chase is next to me, saying "It's the Soviets. They sank our submarine." I think he was implying this was some sort of retaliatory attack against us. I asked, "Why Columbia," then immediately came up with a possible answer in that the U.S. Navy has a submarine named the U.S.S. Columbia, and maybe that was the submarine Mr. Chase mentioned. But like the first part, these rockets didn't seem to do much damage.
A little later, I don't remember where I was or who was with me, but as an F-18 fighter jet streaked overhead, the person with me pointed it out, commenting that the Air Force was still on patrol. And I remember feeling reassured that they were there to protect us.
That last part may sound like a paid endorsement of the Air Force, but I promise that no parties were compensated by the U.S. Air Force in the publishing of this blog. Not that I'd admit to, anyway.
So there it is. Random dream account #1. The last? Probably not. I just hope Chevy Chase is a lot funnier in the next one.


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