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Starting a Path to Understanding Islam

Last night some of the young men in our ward/congregation had an amazing opportunity to visit the Islamic Center of Central Missouri, the mosque in downtown Columbia. I'd been there way back in seventh grade as part of a field trip, but that was more than 20 years ago.

I had the idea for the visit earlier in the year, wanting to do something to help our youth understand another religion and culture in the hopes it would help them not just expand their worldview, but ultimately become better disciples of Christ by building a bridge between themselves and people different from them. Earlier attempts didn't work out, but we finally managed to set a visit up.

I only wish it was sooner and we had more people.

From the first, you can tell the center is a holy place - you remove your shoes as soon as you walk in, placing them on shelves built into the entryway. I was briefly reminded of the time when the Lord asked Moses to remove his shoes to honor the holy ground on which he stood.…

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