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My Parents, the Virtuosi

Every now and then it hits me: my parents are supremely talented.

I'm not just talking about their parenting skills, which are indeed top-notch. How they managed to keep seven kids, mostly girls, fed and watered and relatively clean and well-kempt and - to be frank - alive strains the limits of the rational mind. On top of that, they managed to guide us into becoming rather decent human beings (we have our faults, but we're also not Nazis, so...).

What I want to focus on is their artistic talents.

My mom is a musical genius. She is a master at the cello and piano, has a voice like literal angels, and plays just about every other instrument known to man at some level of skill or another. She interrupted college to raise her insane family, then went back (once we were all old enough to not set the house...or each other...on fire) and finished her degree in music education.

She even started her own string quartet and for years made a side business of performing at wedding recepti…

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