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My Love Affair with Ninjas

Reality TV.

The mention of it evokes strong reactions across the board.

"I love all the drama."

"I love watching famous people in these shows because it shows they're just like us."

"It's all fake, there's nothing real about it."

"Good glayvin, I'll never get those brain cells back."


Myself, I tend to lean toward the latter two, whereas Tamara is all about the first one. And to each their own - people like what they like, and I advocate for letting them and not bashing someone else's taste just because it's not our own.

But I'm here to talk about my favorite "reality" show, which is less "reality" in the now-traditional sense of the word - following celebrities around or putting people in unrealistic competitive scenarios - and more a sporting event-type competition.

If you've never watched American Ninja Warrior (inspired by the Japanese show Sasuke), it's a series of obstacle cou…

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